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Not So Great After All

20. května 2013 v 22:53 | Vivianne Nessa Ettelea Telemnar |  →"Poetry"←
" A little being
Suddenly becomes great
When it discovers science
When it names all the things around it
When it tries to create more
When it starts placing itself above others
When it becomes greedy
When it thinks it can decide the Fate of others
When it manipulates others for "greater good"
When it justifies war with promise of peace
When it lies to get more profit
When it starts to kill
When it destroys the Earth it came from
Not so great after all. "
- Vi, the girl who was afraid of the Time


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1 Yasemin Other Van de Notte Yasemin Other Van de Notte | E-mail | Web | 21. května 2013 v 16:40 | Reagovat

Páni, toto je niečo na zamyslenie :D Naozaj pekné :D

2 Keta Keta | Web | 27. května 2013 v 17:42 | Reagovat

Bolestivá pravda...

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