Červenec 2014

I miss this

28. července 2014 v 13:39 | Vivianne Nessa Ettelea Telemnar |  →Blogerino←
I miss this.

I don't miss this as I would miss a person, no. I don't miss this as someone dear to me. I miss it like I miss myself, and it's a pain that cannot be cured by coming back. I wish I was still the same person as I was when I had this blog. I wish I could be as happy. I wish I could be as strong.

And maybe I can. Maybe I can't. It doesn't really matter which it is, though, not really, because no matter how much time I spend away from this... place, my diary, my past; i still keep coming back. There was time I was completely broken, changed, someone else. I found the pieces however, and I keep putting myself back together; it is a slow process, one that will take years, but I am a patient person. I will be me again, I will be strong again. I will be restored

This said, I really miss this. I keep coming back, with words I want to say, keep, store here, but by the time I get here, they are all gone. Still, have no doubt that I, by all means

miss this.