Srpen 2015


25. srpna 2015 v 15:13 | Vivianne Nessa Ettelea Telemnar |  →Povídky←
Něco, co jsem dala dohromady při obzvlášt nudné chvilce v práci. :P
Something I put together while being incredibly bored at work. :P


They were bored. In fact, they were as unamused as any other cashier at any other exhibition. Which was a lot. Obviously.

They had the internet of course. An old, crappy computer and slow, crappy Wi-Fi. But hey, it's better than nothing right? However, even though they had the entire network at their disposal, they were still completely, utterly bored. It was annoying.

The job was simple, really. Type the number of the tickets, print them out, give them to their respective owners, repeat. It was such an easy job, no wonder it was getting so boring.

Boredom. What really is boredom, anyways? Lack of excitement, they guessed.

Their Starbucks was getting cold. Cold and disgusting, but they still hold onto it. Better to have cold coffee than none. At least, that's what they told themselves with each gulp.

They looked at their hands with blank expression. The dark blue nail polish was already falling off. "Tsch." They said. Another customer, another sip.

It was pretty grey weather that day, not cold, not warm. They thought they even saw it raining. It was hard to tell, their desk was too far away from the windows. They were cold, so they put on a sweather, but another minute it was too warm again, so they turned on a fan again. 'Damn this weather.' They thought.

Another person knocked on their window. They repeated the now-well-known phrase again. Boring.

They closed their eyes for a second, hoping for the world to just disappear.

So. Fucking. Boring.