Prosinec 2017

Never Stopped

13. prosince 2017 v 2:28 | Vi |  →"Poetry"←
I wish we could meet tomorrow
In a coffee shop round the corner

- It's been years now
I know this is weird
But I always get too attached -

And I would fall in love with you
All over again
I'd treat you right this time
The way you always deserved
I wouldn't let myself ruin it
I would atone for everything
I've done wrong
I'd focus on you and only you
I'd give you all you'd ask for
My heart
My life
My everything
I'd be good to you
But the best I can now do for you
Is to never cross your path again
And I know you hated me
You had a good reason to
Yet, still
I'm not sorry I met you
But I'm sorry you met me
And at my absolute worst too
It doesn't make it okay
And it doesn't make it right
But I'm sorry anyways
I never stopped